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Soal PAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 5 Semester 1 dan Kunci Jawaban

Untuk siswa kelas 5 SD, kali ini Osnipa kembali akan membagikan soal-soal latihan untuk kalian. Kali ini, soal yang dibagikan adalah Soal PAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 5 Semester 1 dan Kunci Jawaban. Semoga bermanfaat.

Soal Pilihan Ganda PAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 5 Semester 1 dan Kunci Jawaban

1. … your hobby?
My hobby is singing.
a. What
b. Where
c. Who
d. When

2. His … is playing soccer
a. hobbi
b. hobby
c. hobies
d. hobbies

3. Arrange these letters
hobbies – and – dancing – are – her – singing
a. her hobbies and singing dancing are
b. her hobbies are singing ang dancing
c. singing and dancing are hobbies her
d. dancing and singing hobbies are her

4. Melisa is in the … (5th) grade of her school
a. fifth
b. fife
c. vife
d. five

5. Nineteenth, … , twenty first, twenty second
a. tuwenty
b. twenteth
c. twenty
d. twentieth

6. November is the … of month.
a. 10st
b. 10nd
c. 10rd
d. 10th

7. Sirih Kuning is traditional performances from … .
a. Aceh
b. Jakarta
c. Kalimantan
d. Maluku

8. Look at the picture!

This is a … .
a. head decoration
b. bun
c. kebaya
d. shawl

9. Musical instrument that accompanies Sirih Kuning performance is … .
a. Gamelan
b. Cokek
c. Gambang Kromong
d. Sunda gamelan

10. Look at the picture!

Which one do you prefer?
I prefer to
a. dancing to singing
b. singing to dancing
c. watching TV to dancing
d. singing to swimming

11. The fourth step in making bir pletok is…
a. boil the water
b. grill and bruise the spices
c. take the spices and pour the water
d. serve bir pletok

12. There are some spices to make fresh bir pletok, such as …
a. clove, ginger, chili
b. cinnamon, clove, ginger
c. brown sugar, chili, water
d. ginger, nutmeg, milk

Look at the map, and then answer the number 13 and 14.

13. SD Brlian Jaya is on …
a. Kusuma Raya Street
b. Merdeka Street
c. Rambutan Street
d. Majapahit Street

14. Kantor Polisi is … Budi’s House
a. opposite
b. between
c. behind
d. beside

15. you – would – show – the way – me – to – ? – Hotel Indonesia
a. you would show me the way to Hotel Indonesia?
b. would you show the Hotel Indonesia to me?
c. Hotel Indonesia you would show me the way?
d. would you show me the way to Hotel Indonesia?

16. Udin : What is your favorite color?
Siti : My favorite color is … (merah muda)
a. blue
b. red
c. orange
d. pink

17. There are favorite patterns of Betawi batik, except …
a. salakanagara’s motive
b. ondel-ondel motive
c. parang kusuma’s motive
d. the national monument’s motive

18. Jerry … his fabric with lukewarm water.
a. rinse
b. rinses
c. rinseses
d. rins

19. it’s a … day!

a. windy
b. warm
c. hot
d. foggy

20. There are two seasons in Indonesia. They are …
a. summer and spring
b. winter and autumn
c. dry seanson and rainy season
d. spring and winter

Soal Uraian PAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 5 Semester 1 dan Kunci Jawaban

21. Linda likes Lenggang Kangkung dance.
Her hobby is … .

22. Indonesia Independence Day was … (17) of August 1945

23. This … is so beautiful

24. This instrument is played by beating with hands … .

25. Which do you prefer listening music or watching TV

I prefer … to …
watching TV

26. This is a … .

cup of tea

27. Rima … (membeli) a loaf of bread in Supermarket

28. A: Where is SD Nusantara loca?
B: ….

It is on Jalan Kenanga

29. There are 3 favorites motive Betawi batik.
This is a … .

salakanagara motive

30. Mention three things does bentengan have!
game, prisoner, and tactics

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